Compensation System

We create an environment that allows individuals to fully utilize their capabilities through fair and reasonable evaluations, fostering collaboration and adding value with colleagues.


Competitive salary levels with performance-based increases

Performance Bonus

Bonuses are paid based on the level of achievement of management goals

Performance Awards

We operate various reward systems for proposal achievements, job inventions, high performers, etc.

Employee Benefits

JL Chem offers various welfare programs to improve the quality of life for employees and ensure a stable work-life.


We support a stable life.

Health check-ups, support for various family events, cultural life expenses, selective welfare, and children's education funds


We want to reward the passion of our employees.

Retirement pension, long-term service awards, outstanding employee awards, severance pay, performance bonuses, and four primary insurances


Unique welfare of our company!

Holiday gifts/travel expenses, birthday gifts/parties, long-term service gifts


We respect the self-development of our employees!

Foundation day events, outstanding employee award ceremonies, workshops, new employee training (OJT), support for self-development expenses, snack provision, meal support


We provide the best environment for comfortable work.

Meeting rooms, office supplies, and high-performance computers


We foster an employee-centered organizational culture.

No forced dinners and casual dress code


We offer commuting and various work systems for the convenience of our employees!

Dormitory operation, parking fee support, and compliance with a 52-hour workweek


The best welfare is vacation!

Annual leave, summer vacation, Foundation Day off, Labor Day off, prenatal and postnatal leave, and Family Day