Secondary Battery Precision Chemical Materials

Lithium-ion batteries (LiB) are widely used in compact and slim portable electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet PCs, wearable devices, and notebooks, as well as in mobility devices like electric vehicles (EV) and energy storage systems (ESS), including solar power generation and fuel cells.
Additives, which are components of electrolytes and one of the four critical materials of lithium-ion batteries, are added in small amounts to protect the surfaces of the cathode and anode electrodes, performing a crucial role in improving the characteristics of the batteries.
We are engaged in researching, developing, and producing various functional additives to improve performance and enhance lithium-ion battery stability, including high voltage, high output, long life, low-temperature performance, high-temperature stability, and overcharge protection. Furthermore, we are actively researching and developing new binders applied to the anode.

Secondary Battery Value Chain

이차전지 밸류체인

Electrolyte additives

전해질 첨가제

Main development additives

– Heat-release prevention agents, thermal stabilizers, life-extension additives, etc.

리튬이온전지 4대 핵심소재

리튬이온전지 4대 핵심소재
  • 양극 (Cathode)
    – 양극 활물질: LCO, NCM, NCA, LMO, LFP
    – 도전재: 카본블랙, CNT
    – 바인더: PVdF
    – 양극 기재: 알루미늄
  • 음극 (Anode)
    – 음극 활물질: Graphite, Si계
    – 도전재: CNT
    – 바인더: PVdF, SBR/CMC, PTFE
    – 음극 기재: 구리
  • 분리막 (Separator)
    – 폴리에틸렌, 폴리올레핀, 폴리프로필렌 등
  • 전해질 (Electrolyte)
    – 리튬 염: LiPF6, LiFSI
    – 용매: EC, EMC, DMC, DEC
    – 첨가제: LiPO2F2, VC, FEC 등등